Famous Inventors Whose Last Names Started With "A"

Famous Inventors Whose Last Names Started With "A"

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Edward Goodrich Acheson

He received a patent for carborundum, the hardest man-made surface which was needed to bring about the industrial age.

Thomas Adams

Thomas Adams first tried to change chicle into automobile tires before making it into a chewing gum.

Howard Aiken

Aiken worked on the Mark computer series and was significant to the history of computers.

Ernest F. W. Alexanderson

The engineer whose high-frequency alternator gave America its start in the field of radio communication.

George Edward Alcorn

Alcorn invented a new type of x-ray spectrometer.

Andrew Alford

He invented the localizer antenna system for radio navigation systems.

Randi Altschul

Randice-Lisa Altschul invented the world's the first disposable cell phone.

Luis Walter Alvarez

Alvarez received patents for a radio distance and direction indicator, a landing system for aircraft, a radar system for locating planes, and the hydrogen bubble chamber used to detect subatomic particles.

Virgie Ammons

Ammons invented a firepace dampening device.

Dr. Betsy Ancker-Johnson

The third women elected to the National Academy of engineering, Ancker-Johnson holds US patent #3287659.

Mary Anderson

Anderson patented the windshield wipers in 1905.

Virginia Apgar

Apgar invented a newborn scoring system called the "Apgar Score" for assessing the health of newborn infants.


Archimedes, a mathematician from ancient Greece, invented the Archimedes screw (a device for raising water).

Edwin Howard Armstrong

Armstrong invented a method of receiving high-frequency oscillations, part of every radio and television today.

Barbara Askins

Askins developed a totally new way of processing film.

John Atanasoff

Atanasoff worked on the first electronic computer.

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